Industry Type

Monarc works closely with manufactures.We customize products to fit your needs.


Standard Heavy Mine Engineered Class

Power generation has its own unique challenges. It is critical that down time for repairs, maintenance and replacement be kept to an absolute minimum. A conveyor breakdown that stops the production of electricity is simply not an option. Monarc offers the highest quality pulleys.

Unit Handling Conveyor Pulleys

Conveyor Rollers Package Handling Pulleys

Monarc produces pulleys for customers in the parcel, warehousing and airport baggage handling industries. These pulleys are most often 2” to 10” in diameter and can be manufactured with a wide range of material thicknesses, tolerances and specifications to meet our customers’ needs.


Heavy Mine Engineered Class

Coal is a high production, demanding industry where weak points in equipment are quickly discovered and downtime can be very costly. The great demand for coal has intensified the need for conveyor components that last longer and require less maintenance and that is exactly what Monarc's products have been delivering for over 3 decades.

Hard Rock

Engineered Class Pulleys

Turbine Pulleys

The Hard Rock industry includes mining operations extracting mineral deposits such as gold, silver, iron ore, nickel, zinc, copper, lead, and molybdenum just to name a few. These are generally very high production operations where large quantities of material are being processed. The minerals may be extracted by surface mining or underground mining depending on the size and depth of the deposit.


Standard Heavy DutyMine Duty

The aggregate industry would include crushed rock, sand, gravel, or crushed concrete for use in construction. This is one of our largest markets and the size of these operations varies greatly as does the type of products we provide them.


Standard Heavy Duty Mine Duty Engineered

The type and size of products required from Monarc can vary greatly. That’s why we feel it is critical to have a well trained staff that understands the needs of our customers.


Single Disc Standard Heavy Duty Mine Engineered

Monarc has the knowledge, expertise and ability to design and manufacture pulleys for modern, high capacity systems.

Drum Conveyor Pulleys

Flat Face Drum Type Conveyor Pulleys are available in standard diameters from 2” thru 42” and face widths to 75”.

Shafting and Conveyor Pulley Assemblies are available complete with pillow block bearings and take-up frames.

Hub and Bushing Styles available in Taper-Lock, QD, and Lagged Conveyor Drum Pulleys contain black rubber lagging without fabric backing, bonded directly to the pulley rim by the vul-canizing process. This lagging serves primarily to increase
the traction capacity of drive pulleys and to provide improved resistance to abrasive conditions on both drive and non-drive pulleys. Lagged Wing Pulleys are also available.

In-house Lagging gives Monarc the flexibility and quick turnaround that can detour costly down time for its clients. Now available, Ceramic Lagging - incredible durability for the most demanding applications.

Wing Pulleys - A Better, Longer Lasting Solution

Solid face pulley material build-up is a dangerous and time consuming clean up process. The solution is a Monarc Wing Pulley. The pulley rotation automatically starts the self cleaning action, discharging foreign material to the side of the conveyors. Durable individual deflectors are welded continuously to and hub for extreme product life and minimal belt wear.The Monarc design also prevents belt misalignment and prolongs belt life as the possibility of material build-up is greatly reduced. Monarc Wing Pulleys are available in a complete range of standard sizes with diameters from 6” to 42”and face widths from 6” to 66”. Custom applications are available and manufactured to your specifications. We also offer a complete line of shafting with machining to meet your needs